New Album Announcement + Norway dates

Hello folks,

Here is a quick round up of recent news and forthcoming activity from the band who slay when they play The Scaramanga Six.

After a brief sabbatical to become a dad Gareth the twatter of drums returns to twat the drums as the band start gigging again. Many thanks go to Stuffy Gilchrist who has stepped in for a few appearances of late. We have just played a few blinders recently, notably a support to the newly reformed and utterly magnificent Ultrasound as well as one or two London appearances where we actually had a good time and a great audience. Some more very interesting gigs coming up though…

First up The Scaramanga Six will be appearing evil at The Well, Leeds on 15th October supporting the irrepressible Gold Blade. Come and marvel at the eternal fitness of John Robb as well as us. Then it is a welcome short return to the southern edges of Norway for a couple of gigs: Sakura Sessions, Birkeland Nov 12th and Tribute, Sandnes Nov 13th. Last time we played we marvelled so much at the beauty of the country and the people that we had to be sheperded back onto a plane at Stavanger by nordic skiiers. We also nearly broke Steve with a particularly late night session drinking what can only be described as liquid Fishermans Friend. Finally The Six will perform at Santiago’s in Leeds towards the end of November.

Whilst the summer scalded all and sundry, The Six were boarded up in a sweaty recording studio working on the next long player. It is now completely recorded and the mixing is half way there. We can confirm that this album will be the most pompous thing we have ever recorded complete with brass and string sectionas as well as a menagerie of other guest instruments including a flexitone, a q-chord and a hornicator. We can reveal that the album, The Scaramanga Six’s sixth studio album, will be called ‘CURSED’. All in all a massive fourteen tracks have been captured for this record – we will wait to see if all appear at once. For any regualr gig attendees there are a few familiar songs from the set as well as a raft of other dark brooding tracks. More details on the release of the album will follow as and when we know…

Finally, it has to be said that with every new piece of work comes even greater renewed entheusiam for this juggernault of a band. We are already working on new new materail for a follow up and seem to play with even more urgency and aplomb than ever, thanks in part to some incredible love and hysterics from audiences and friends. Please keep with us – we will never dissapoint you!

See you all soon,

Julia, Steve, Gareth & Paul.
The Scaramanga Six


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